Saturday, May 4, 2019

#blessed by Charles Scott Lucky Rain Flower Stone Bracelets are available in our online shop!

Rain Flower Stones, or Yuhua Stones, are a special kind of stone originating in Nanjing, China. They are considered a very lucky stone in Chinese culture! They are found in the Yangtze River smooth and polished by the flow of the water. They get their name from the unique colors and patterns on them resembling flowers. 

The legend says a Chinese Monk named Yunguang, who lived during the Nan Dynasty , used to travel around the country giving sermons. The story says when he traveled to Nanjing he sat on the Guanghua Gate for three days talking about his concept depriving himself of eating, drinking and sleeping. His sincerity moved GOD so deeply he rained down thousands of colorful flowers from the sky to reward him and when the flowers touched the ground they turned into the rain flower stones! 

We have two colors available as shown and the bracelets feature both 8mm as well as 10mm stones in a graduated design from small to big!  In my opinion these bracelets are perfect for Spring and Summer ! They can be stacked or worn solo...There is a limited quantity available on this special design!

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Our new online store has finally launched!


Hello! It has been a while since I have posted and wanted to share with you all some news about #blessed by Charles Scott and our progression! We have finally transitioned to our new online store and could not be more excited for our future and growth ! We are doing our best to bring you a better quality, unique gemstones and new designs all at an affordable price point! Along with our handmade gemstone jewelry, we now carry a natural soy based lemongrass candle which is perfect to de-stress you and  help you relax! Couldn't we all use that!? It is also very chic and goes with any style of home decor.
#blessed by Charles Scott is also currently working on our new line of all natural bath and body/skin care products as well! I am testing them out and sourcing the best organic ingredients ( cruelty free of course ).
 We are wanting to create and share with you an array of products that include a concentration on a metaphysical flair and well-being which is staying true to who we are as a brand ...helping you to feel good , look good  while surrounding you with #positivevibesonly XO Billy Charles

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

When is the right time to make a change for spiritual growth?

There is a shift going on in the universe...many of us can feel it. Some of us feel stuck , anxious or ready for something new but are unsure of what steps to take to make a change.
 I suggest really carving out some alone time so that you can concentrate on what is happening in your life. So many people externalize and rely on their happiness coming from other people, material things or circumstances. This is an illusion. Real happiness comes from within when we are connected to our soul's purpose and following our passion...this isn't always easy...
Recently , after taking a long break from #blessed , I found myself unhappy as I wasn't doing anything creative ( which feeds my soul ) and once I started  to design and create again I developed a spark again that was lost for quite awhile. I had signs all around me telling me that this is what I needed to be doing and I finally payed attention and followed them... I also took action and stopped waiting for " the right time ". The right time is now! Yes all this is easier said then done however the investment you make in your personal happiness is worth it don't you think? You are worth it. You can't be a service to others until you take care of yourself first. There are a lot of resources out there to assist you but the real resource is listening to the voice within which will never steer you wrong. What is it that you always wanted to do that you let " life" or negativity get in the way of? What is holding you back from experiencing joy? You deserve it! You can start over at any time! Any day , any second...why not now?!!! Stop making's time to reconnect with you!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A meditation to find joy again after you lose a loved one...

It's easy to get caught up in the pain of a loss when you are grieving and often times we find ourselves staying there much longer than we anticipate too. Grief happens in stages and depending on your connection to the departed it is always different for each individual. Life in our physical form as we know it  is a journey of learning and it is suggested by those who have researched or who are in-tune with the other side  that when our soul's mission is completed here on Earth, on the physical plane, we return in spirit to the after life to reflect and decide what we could have done better , how we have affected others growth, heal and contemplate our next soul's lesson.  We often over look the celebration that a soul, our loved one,  has completed their mission because we are concentrated on the loss and we may not see or understand what that individual accomplished and how it affected the learning of all the souls they were involved with.

I was thinking today of the many losses that I have personally experienced as well as the losses to those with whom I am close with. I have a different belief and outlook however that doesn't make it any easier just more comforting. I have a knowing that I will , after my own life in this incarnation, return to spirit as well . The soul is everlasting and that should not be diminished or forgotten. Your loved ones want you to be happy and carry on with your life missions and lessons . Sometimes this can be a challenge to see when you are grieving and also  guilt may be an obstacle to prevent you from wanting to feel joy again. I thought to myself how can I help those suffering with loss and pain of a loved one? I decided to create this meditation so you may begin to heal and reclaim the joy of living that you are meant to have.

Find a quite place where you can relax with no interruptions or electronic devices unless it will help you to put on some type of relaxing music or soundscape. If possible light a candle , depending on where you are , or an incense. Get comfortable, either sitting, or laying down. Start to take relaxing deep breathes until you are able to shut out the noise of your busy life. Now this may be difficult...imagine your loved one in front of you or in your minds eye. Imagine them smiling, at peace, happy and healthy...I say this because they are now absolutely that way in spirit on the other side.  Talk with them and tell them that you miss them and see how they are doing. Tell them how happy you are that they accomplished their souls mission in this life and how excited you are to reunite with them in spirit when it is your time. It is  OK to tell them how much you miss them , often think of them and share a fond memory personal to you both.
When you get through your " spirit visit " you may now  ask them before you say goodbye for this mediation what it is they hope for you in your physical life.  I am sure the answer will be for you to feel happy and go on living as you are meant to  all the while knowing they can very much still hear and see you although they can not interfere because they know now that they are in spirit how important your individual journey is to your soul's growth and those around you . Allow yourself to concentrate on their peaceful and positive loving energy surrounding you and as you either fall asleep or decide to get up and go about your day... you can now feel a step closer to healing and reclaiming your joy of living.
You feeling happiness again  is in no way diminishing your love and devotion  to those no longer on the physical plane that we were connected fact it is enhancing it. This is what our loved ones in spirit  want for us all no matter what the circumstances surrounding their crossing over. They want you to be able to fulfill your soul's contract and experience what you are meant to in this life.
Try this mediation as often as you like and don't pressure yourself for the outcome. It will be different for everyone. I hope eventually you will get through this mediation and emerge feeling more at peace with your loved one's loss  and a sense of happiness because you now have a deeper understanding  that the spirit is truly eternal and your loved one is always with you until you reunite on the other side.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

#blessed by Charles Scott Catch up time! We have missed you all!

Well first off let me apologize in advance for the long hiatus! Life happens ...we have had 6 deaths in the last 6 months and we also took a couple ( much needed ) vacations in between work !

A major turning point in moving forward with our brand was registering  #blessed by Charles Scott into an LLC ( limited liability corporation ) and we have purchased our own e commerce site to expand our brand to include Accessories, home goods, and Bath and Body! There was a lot going on which was difficult to deal with especially with the loss of our loved ones! 

We did however get  the amazing opportunity to visit Provincetown  MA in Cape Cod Twice and after  connecting with a past girlfriend , Christine Gerro-Horovitz, who lives and works there on our first trip she really inspired us to move forward with #blessed and even invited us to have a pop up shop at the successful business she owns there ...Kiss and Makeup ! It was a real blessing and we really appreciated the exposure and her support with our brand! She is still carrying our candle ( yes candle ) and some bath and body products!  You can check out her amazing shop right on Commercial Street in Provincetown , Ma which carries skin care, make up, bath, body , men's grooming and an on site aesthetician here :

We have also been busy ordering and designing new products to feature in our online shop which will launch as soon as every thing is received , photographed and listed!

We have really loved our time on Etsy however we wanted a site that was more user friendly and a one click site to our brand. We may still keep our Etsy shop for custom designs...

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Are we ever really prepared when we lose a loved one?

Hello! It's been a while since I have posted on our site. I hope you are all well and have peace in your mind and hearts .I have been very busy working full time and running #blessed by charles scott and trying to find a balance myself. I have been doing many commemoration bracelets lately in honor of loved ones who have passed including my own cousin who passed suddenly this past Mother's day. I was just speaking to a friend earlier whose sister in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she does not have much longer in this physical existence we call life on earth. Basically when my cousin passed it was shocking and unexpected. When my friend's sister in law passes it will be expected however does that ever really prepare us for the physical and emotion loss that we will feel? I don't think so. Death is such a strange and scary concept to most of us and I don't care how spiritual you are. Energy is eternal and we are energy. The spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to refer to it as will definitely leave this plane and go to another one. What that looks like for sure we don't know. This is when our faith comes into question. I am not just talking about " religious " faith but a type of knowing that this isn't all there is meant for us. The mystery that surrounds death plagues all of us as humans in one way or another. The sadness we feel and the grief can be debilitating for some. I personally think you are never really prepared when faced with the tragedy of losing a loved one. I do believe it gets better to live with over time but when a loved one is no longer with us it's hard to replace the physical connection we had with them and that is our struggle. We have our memories of them and they will stay alive if the person is celebrated for the life they lived not mourned for the death they had. When faced with the death of a loved one, either expected or not, do not put pressure on yourself that you should react in a certain type of way and do not expect that of others as well.  There are so many things to consider and it's best just to receive the emotions as they come. There is no time limit in grieving the loss of a loved one however as I have said before do not let the grief consume you to the point that you stop living. This is not  what your loved ones would want and they are always just a heart memory away, I also believe they can still very much see, hear and send signs to you from the " other side ". I hope you find peace if you are suffering a loss. Loss is the one thing as humans that we most definitely have in common. If you are expecting a loss cherish every moment you have with that person and say everything you need to while they are still here with you. I promise that will make the healing time less and the deep connection you can create as a loved one is leaving this plane for the next can be priceless. As always stay grateful for all things big and small ! Until next time! Xo Billy Charles 

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

#Saged Lavender Sage Negativity Clearing and Protection Room Spray and Soap Are Here !

We are proud to announce our all new organic botanical Lavender Sage Negativity Clearing  Protection Room Spray and Soap called #saged !

 Burning Sage has long been known to get rid of unwanted energies and is also known for it's cleansing properties...combined with lavender it will give you protection as well. #blessed by Charles Scott smudges all of our bracelets to cleanse them before they are shipped to you which lead to the idea in developing this formulation with our manufacturer. We decided on Lavender combined with Sage. Lavender smells amazing and  isn't just known for it's relaxing properties , metaphysically it is also highly regarded as protective. You will love the lasting fresh herbal scent of these products! The room spray is made with an all natural non flammable perfume based and is combined with essential oils of sage and lavender steam distilled. Our soap is made with an all natural Shea base  and combines the same. We even added real sage and lavender buds to the formula! Both are organically certified from our manufacturer. Every room spray glass bottle even contains a genuine quartz bead ( playing off our bracelets ) which is known as protective and also to transmute negative vibes into positive! Please check them out in our #blessed by Charles Scott Etsy shop! I have been using both for a while now and you will love them! Please share your feedback if you have purchased them already !!!

Xo Billy Charles

Genuine Quartz Bead In Every Bottle!


#saged Lavender and Sage Luxury Soap

Information on our manufacturer Beauty Kitchen and it's creator , Heather Marianna, can be found at www.HeatherMarianna.TV

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