Thursday, September 8, 2016

#blessed by Charles Scott Catch up time! We have missed you all!

Well first off let me apologize in advance for the long hiatus! Life happens ...we have had 6 deaths in the last 6 months and we also took a couple ( much needed ) vacations in between work !

A major turning point in moving forward with our brand was registering  #blessed by Charles Scott into an LLC ( limited liability corporation ) and we have purchased our own e commerce site to expand our brand to include Accessories, home goods, and Bath and Body! There was a lot going on which was difficult to deal with especially with the loss of our loved ones! 

We did however get  the amazing opportunity to visit Provincetown  MA in Cape Cod Twice and after  connecting with a past girlfriend , Christine Gerro-Horovitz, who lives and works there on our first trip she really inspired us to move forward with #blessed and even invited us to have a pop up shop at the successful business she owns there ...Kiss and Makeup ! It was a real blessing and we really appreciated the exposure and her support with our brand! She is still carrying our candle ( yes candle ) and some bath and body products!  You can check out her amazing shop right on Commercial Street in Provincetown , Ma which carries skin care, make up, bath, body , men's grooming and an on site aesthetician here :

We have also been busy ordering and designing new products to feature in our online shop which will launch as soon as every thing is received , photographed and listed!

We have really loved our time on Etsy however we wanted a site that was more user friendly and a one click site to our brand. We may still keep our Etsy shop for custom designs...

Please stay tuned for more on our journey and evolution ... connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @BillyCharlesNY and like us on facebook ! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Are we ever really prepared when we lose a loved one?

Hello! It's been a while since I have posted on our site. I hope you are all well and have peace in your mind and hearts .I have been very busy working full time and running #blessed by charles scott and trying to find a balance myself. I have been doing many commemoration bracelets lately in honor of loved ones who have passed including my own cousin who passed suddenly this past Mother's day. I was just speaking to a friend earlier whose sister in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she does not have much longer in this physical existence we call life on earth. Basically when my cousin passed it was shocking and unexpected. When my friend's sister in law passes it will be expected however does that ever really prepare us for the physical and emotion loss that we will feel? I don't think so. Death is such a strange and scary concept to most of us and I don't care how spiritual you are. Energy is eternal and we are energy. The spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to refer to it as will definitely leave this plane and go to another one. What that looks like for sure we don't know. This is when our faith comes into question. I am not just talking about " religious " faith but a type of knowing that this isn't all there is meant for us. The mystery that surrounds death plagues all of us as humans in one way or another. The sadness we feel and the grief can be debilitating for some. I personally think you are never really prepared when faced with the tragedy of losing a loved one. I do believe it gets better to live with over time but when a loved one is no longer with us it's hard to replace the physical connection we had with them and that is our struggle. We have our memories of them and they will stay alive if the person is celebrated for the life they lived not mourned for the death they had. When faced with the death of a loved one, either expected or not, do not put pressure on yourself that you should react in a certain type of way and do not expect that of others as well.  There are so many things to consider and it's best just to receive the emotions as they come. There is no time limit in grieving the loss of a loved one however as I have said before do not let the grief consume you to the point that you stop living. This is not  what your loved ones would want and they are always just a heart memory away, I also believe they can still very much see, hear and send signs to you from the " other side ". I hope you find peace if you are suffering a loss. Loss is the one thing as humans that we most definitely have in common. If you are expecting a loss cherish every moment you have with that person and say everything you need to while they are still here with you. I promise that will make the healing time less and the deep connection you can create as a loved one is leaving this plane for the next can be priceless. As always stay grateful for all things big and small ! Until next time! Xo Billy Charles 

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

#Saged Lavender Sage Negativity Clearing and Protection Room Spray and Soap Are Here !

We are proud to announce our all new organic botanical Lavender Sage Negativity Clearing  Protection Room Spray and Soap called #saged !

 Burning Sage has long been known to get rid of unwanted energies and is also known for it's cleansing properties...combined with lavender it will give you protection as well. #blessed by Charles Scott smudges all of our bracelets to cleanse them before they are shipped to you which lead to the idea in developing this formulation with our manufacturer. We decided on Lavender combined with Sage. Lavender smells amazing and  isn't just known for it's relaxing properties , metaphysically it is also highly regarded as protective. You will love the lasting fresh herbal scent of these products! The room spray is made with an all natural non flammable perfume based and is combined with essential oils of sage and lavender steam distilled. Our soap is made with an all natural Shea base  and combines the same. We even added real sage and lavender buds to the formula! Both are organically certified from our manufacturer. Every room spray glass bottle even contains a genuine quartz bead ( playing off our bracelets ) which is known as protective and also to transmute negative vibes into positive! Please check them out in our #blessed by Charles Scott Etsy shop! I have been using both for a while now and you will love them! Please share your feedback if you have purchased them already !!!

Xo Billy Charles

Genuine Quartz Bead In Every Bottle!


#saged Lavender and Sage Luxury Soap

Information on our manufacturer Beauty Kitchen and it's creator , Heather Marianna, can be found at www.HeatherMarianna.TV

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Are you selflessly giving or selfishly giving?

When you are giving for the sheer pleasure of the act  in and of itself you are selflessly giving. You are experiencing the joy of your actions without any strings attached or expectations. This is the best way to feed our souls while also serving another.

When you are giving with expectation of an outcome or reaction you are selfishly giving. It is not up to us to determine how another person will accept our charity ...that is a trap that will not only steal your joy but replace it with disappointment! Often times people get caught up in what the person should have done because of what they think they would do in that circumstance. Remember each individual is unique and  different based on their personal experiences , life lessons and ultimately the perception they have of their reality. We are all learning as a spirit here on this physical plane that we call Earth like a school...everyone is on different levels in their journey...that doesn't make anyone any better or worse than anyone else.

When you selflessly give you detach from the outcomes and expectations and you are truly in line with your higher self,  aligned with spirit and the joy that will result will be flowing freely and readily! When is the last time you felt the joy in giving? Have you given in the past only to find yourself frustrated because the outcome was not what you expected?

I love hearing from you all so please share your thoughts with me!

 I hope you all are well and have a #blessed week ahead! 

 Xo Billy Charles 

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Latest News On #blessed by Charles Scott Including New Designs In Our Etsy Shop!!!

We had the pleasure of designing custom #blessed by Charles Scott bracelets for model, actress and  Miss Teen Manitoba Beauty Micaella Stone @MicaellaStone on Instagram

Scott and I have been very busy designing custom bracelets for a various array of clientele , including a few celebrities, as well as creating new #blessed by Charles Scott bracelets to stock our Etsy shop! These creations include stones such as African Turquoise, Lemon Quartz, Dragon's Vein Agate, Snow Quartz, Matte Mookite and more!

 I personally have been loving the " Evil Eye" or " Eye of Protection" as well as Elephants, Keys, Seahorses and Buddhas which I have done in fun Spring colors ! 

We also were recently featured on the site All Things Real Housewives which is a blog site by a friend of mine, Nicki Illig, with all the latest news on Bravo TV Shows/Housewives! Please check Nicki's site out ! 

Also our Lavender and Sage Negativity/Protection Room Spray and Soap is arriving and will be launching ! All natural organic and botanical blend! So excited to share this expansion of our #blessed brand with you all! It's called #saged ! Please reach out we love hearing from you! 

Dragon's Vein Agate Evil Eye Key To My Heart Stretch Bracelet

Tiny Evil eye with 6mm faceted Agate stones right on trend !

Vist our Etsy shop at the above link and browse our latest designs!  I hope you all have a #blessed week! Xo Billy Charles

Lemon Quartz Resting Buddha Meditation Bracelet

Seahorse Protection Bracelet...this is perfect for Ocean Lovers!


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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Madness is all about Buddhas in our Etsy Shop!!!!

Buddha teaches about leading a moral life, to be mindful of thoughts and actions as well as developing wisdom and understanding. This is often obtained through meditation leading to spiritual enlightenment. No wonder I find Buddhas so relaxing and peaceful to look at !

 I loved designing these bracelets and I was inspired as soon as I found the Buddha stones...they paired well with jade and howlite. 

Please check out several different styles of  Buddha bracelets #blessed by Charles Scott has to offer in our Etsy shop.
 They are unisex in my opinion and whether or not you practice Buddhism these will be an awesome statement piece to own.
They look great stacked with your other styles or are good solo! 

Hope you are all feeling #blessed and at peace...
 XO Billy Charles 


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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Finding a balance...

The lotus represents balance...I use it in our #blessed by Charles Scott  meditation bracelets from time to time.

Life is a balancing act. Leading a balanced life is not only good for our overall physical well being it is also important for our mental and spiritual well being as well. Finding a balance in your day to day life is often easier said than done. It can be very daunting when faced with the reality of our  obligations such as families, working , taking care of our homes , errands etc. 
What does " finding a balance " mean? It means finding and taking the time out of our busy schedules to just relax and do something that sparks our inner creativity, passion and joy. This means doing something that doesn't feel like a chore or tire us out...unless it's in a good way! No two people are created alike so finding a balance will be different for everyone as there are many things to factor in . I think people often become so overwhelmed at the thought of finding a balance in their lives that they don't even bother to try and step off of the proverbial " hamster wheel ".

Resting Buddha Meditation Bracelet 

My advice is to start small and be realistic. Meditation can be a very helpful tool and it is very accessible to everyone! Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be some sort of Yogi or know about all things metaphysical. Make ( and take ) the time to find a  quiet place ( put on soft soothing music if you prefer ) and close your cell phones, no Facebook updates, and really think about what it is that you are missing in your current life. This is your starting point... Once this becomes a habit you will begin to listen to your inner voice and intuition to figure out what it is your spirit needs. ( have you burned incense? Inexpensive and very relaxing )  Then the next step would be to find a time in your schedule to carve out  space  to do what it is that you need to for feeling more balanced. This is a process and there is no time frame... as I said before it will be different for everyone. You may find it as simple as something like missing out on not making home cooked meals or you may have a profound revelation that will turn your world upside down all together however that may not necessarily be a bad thing ! Finding a balance is about not just working but also playing at any age. In the end , when we cross over, I seriously doubt that you will be remembered solely for the great worker you were. It's about how you loved, how you make others you lived your life. The people who take the time out to do the things that they love usually are the most admired and fulfilled...they also have a way of spreading that zest for life to others therefore they are fondly remembered. How will you find your balance? Comment on this blog and let us know! I would love to hear from you ! XO Billy Charles 


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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Facebook like and share Giveaway from #blessed by Charles Scott !!!

#blessed by Charles Scott is proud to announce our first ever giveaway! 
To enter like our #blessed by Charles Scott  facebook page ( link above ) , share it and tag someone!
 We will choose a winner at random on 4/5/2016 to receive one free bracelet !

If your not on facebook ...enter by tweeting  our facebook link ...
along with #blessedbycharlesscott #jewelry #bracelet #design @billycharlesny 

Thanks for all the support and good luck!!!!
 XO Billy Charles 


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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Peaceful Changes Amazonite Stretch Bracelet #blessed by Charles Scott


Peaceful Changes Amazonite Stretch Bracelet #blessed by Charles Scott

The idea behind our Peaceful Changes bracelet came from the symbolization , to me, of the carved Aventurine stationary leaf bead combined with the metaphysical properties of Amazonite stones which are calming and said to relieve stress, worry and fear.  Amazonite is also believed to dispel negative energy and sooth emotional trauma. In nature seasons change just like the phases in our lives. Leaves change colors and fall off the tree however they always return ...change is inevitable in life...good or bad. It is in how you deal with it and your outlook that will best serve you and in my opinion. If you look at change as necessary and remind yourself that " Everything is as it should be " you may find yourself less stressed and better suited for what waits for you on the horizon.  Maybe just maybe this bracelet will serve to remind you of that and help you on your journey...

 This made with 10 mm Amazonite stones, an Aventurine leaf ( which is lucky ) 7 1/2 stretch

Do you believe in the metaphysical properties of stones and crystals? We do ! Xo Billy and Scott


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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why does #blessed by Charles Scott cleanse our designs with sage?

Cleansing custom #blessed by Charles Scott orders

The burning of sage to clear and cleanse stale or unwanted energy, especially negative, is an old and ancient tradition practiced in many cultures around the world. There is no right or wrong way to use the sage it's all up to's more common these days than one would think and contrary to popular opinion you do not have to be a priest, a mystic or a shaman to use it!

 There are many ways to cleanse a space or an object but it is our belief that burning white sage and using the smoke , along with our intention, is the best way to make sure that your items are sent to you with positive vibes and good energy. These days it is hard to tell where the materials we purchase actually come from especially with global trade and the internet. We burn sage and cleanse each bracelet before it is shipped and also put in blessings / intentions as unique as the wearer. We also put a lot of concentration on each design focusing on using positive energy, love and light  during the creation and design process. If you are sensitive to energy, and many people are, you will feel this as soon as you put one of our pieces on.

Here is a great blog link on the practice of burning sage!

Please contact us here or one of the links below for a custom order or a pre- made design featured in our Etsy shop. Thank you for taking the time to read this...  remember to be thankful and grateful for all things big and small ...that is what being #blessed is all about ! Xo Billy Charles


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Happy St.Patrick's Day from #blessed by Charles Scott



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Thursday, March 10, 2016

What feeds your soul?


Newport Rhode Island, Second Beach

What feeds your soul? What sparks your passion and motivates you ? Are you taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself? We can not be  of service to others if we are not taking care of ourselves first. As hard as that may be to hear it is the truth.
Many of us lose ourselves by getting caught up in the day to day stress that can plague our lives.
It is taking time out for  rediscovering ourselves to bring our passion back so  that we may feel alive and connected to the universe. I am a creative person by nature. For a long time I stopped creating and I was miserable. #blessed by Charles Scott is really a blessing to me because it is an outlet where I can feel joy through creation and also bring joy to those for whom I design for. For this I am grateful. I also am a die hard ocean lover! I make it a point to visit the ocean once a year and hope to live real close one day...back yard close. I feel connected to the universe when I am sitting on the beach listening to all the sounds, smelling the ocean salty air and taking in the vast majesty of nature which to me is the only true perfection. I am doing a bracelet line inspired by all things ocean and nautical soon!

Yes you can grow hydrangea in Upstate NY

I also loved the coastal hydrangea so much that I planted them in front of our house and our cape cod is completely coastal inspired top to bottom!

Is it ever too late to discover your passion!? Absolutely not! There no limits ...only the limits we put on ourselves.
I implore you to take the time out now to feed your soul and seek what it is that will make you feel alive ! The benefits will be ten fold...I promise. Have a blessed day! Xo Billy Charles

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Dealing with loss...

Lately #blessed by Charles Scott has been getting many requests for commemoration bracelets in honor of loved ones who have passed. Below is n example for a mother who lost her son...his initial was " J" and he loved blue. The wings represent him being her angel.

I  am finding myself currently  facing the possibility of loss having a terminally ill friend. Loss is the natural part of the cycle of life however it is something that we souls in human form struggle with. We are preexisting souls sent to earth on a mission to love, learn , experience and grow. When our predestined mission is complete we will return to the spiritual realm to re group so to speak and contemplate if we fulfilled what we came on Earth to, what we could have done better and choose whether or not we will return in another incarnation. We are not meant to live here in the physical realm forever and we often forget that because as souls incarnate we are given a veil so we can forget and let things naturally progress as they need to. Dealing with loss is one of the biggest challenges we can face as well as the grieving process itself. I created a bracelet for a friends mother who wanted to honor the memory of her father and brother, Though years had passed...her wounds were still fresh and she was overwhelmed with grief at the mention of them. I will remind everyone that the grieving process is individual. There is no time limit and no two people will grieve a loss in the same way. do not listen to anyone who tells you that " you should be over " someone dying by now. However make sure you are dealing with it in a way that is not stopping you from living yourself because that is not what our loved ones in the spiritual realm would want for us. If you are having trouble dealing with a loss I advise you seek out grief counseling. Our friends and family, though supportive, should not be the ones you seek out to console you as they may be still actively dealing with the loss as well. If you find that someone is too upset and not helping you when you share a mutual loss be honest. Communication is the key. I had a friend recently share with me that a relative was constantly bringing him down by always going to a place of sadness when speaking about the loss loved one. I told him what he could do without offending her was say you have any fun stories or memories that you can share with me so that I may share them with my children? This is a good way to get the other person to celebrate the life and not concentrate on the sadness of loss. How have you dealt with loss? What is your outlook on the afterlife? What personal experiences can you share? Our loved ones are only a heart memory away and wanting to connect with us through signs and visits to our dreams...this is when they best come through!

 Are you open to receive their message ? I hope so! 

Bright Blessings XO Billy Charles

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