Sunday, May 15, 2016

Are we ever really prepared when we lose a loved one?

Hello! It's been a while since I have posted on our site. I hope you are all well and have peace in your mind and hearts .I have been very busy working full time and running #blessed by charles scott and trying to find a balance myself. I have been doing many commemoration bracelets lately in honor of loved ones who have passed including my own cousin who passed suddenly this past Mother's day. I was just speaking to a friend earlier whose sister in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she does not have much longer in this physical existence we call life on earth. Basically when my cousin passed it was shocking and unexpected. When my friend's sister in law passes it will be expected however does that ever really prepare us for the physical and emotion loss that we will feel? I don't think so. Death is such a strange and scary concept to most of us and I don't care how spiritual you are. Energy is eternal and we are energy. The spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to refer to it as will definitely leave this plane and go to another one. What that looks like for sure we don't know. This is when our faith comes into question. I am not just talking about " religious " faith but a type of knowing that this isn't all there is meant for us. The mystery that surrounds death plagues all of us as humans in one way or another. The sadness we feel and the grief can be debilitating for some. I personally think you are never really prepared when faced with the tragedy of losing a loved one. I do believe it gets better to live with over time but when a loved one is no longer with us it's hard to replace the physical connection we had with them and that is our struggle. We have our memories of them and they will stay alive if the person is celebrated for the life they lived not mourned for the death they had. When faced with the death of a loved one, either expected or not, do not put pressure on yourself that you should react in a certain type of way and do not expect that of others as well.  There are so many things to consider and it's best just to receive the emotions as they come. There is no time limit in grieving the loss of a loved one however as I have said before do not let the grief consume you to the point that you stop living. This is not  what your loved ones would want and they are always just a heart memory away, I also believe they can still very much see, hear and send signs to you from the " other side ". I hope you find peace if you are suffering a loss. Loss is the one thing as humans that we most definitely have in common. If you are expecting a loss cherish every moment you have with that person and say everything you need to while they are still here with you. I promise that will make the healing time less and the deep connection you can create as a loved one is leaving this plane for the next can be priceless. As always stay grateful for all things big and small ! Until next time! Xo Billy Charles 

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