Sunday, May 1, 2016

#Saged Lavender Sage Negativity Clearing and Protection Room Spray and Soap Are Here !

We are proud to announce our all new organic botanical Lavender Sage Negativity Clearing  Protection Room Spray and Soap called #saged !

 Burning Sage has long been known to get rid of unwanted energies and is also known for it's cleansing properties...combined with lavender it will give you protection as well. #blessed by Charles Scott smudges all of our bracelets to cleanse them before they are shipped to you which lead to the idea in developing this formulation with our manufacturer. We decided on Lavender combined with Sage. Lavender smells amazing and  isn't just known for it's relaxing properties , metaphysically it is also highly regarded as protective. You will love the lasting fresh herbal scent of these products! The room spray is made with an all natural non flammable perfume based and is combined with essential oils of sage and lavender steam distilled. Our soap is made with an all natural Shea base  and combines the same. We even added real sage and lavender buds to the formula! Both are organically certified from our manufacturer. Every room spray glass bottle even contains a genuine quartz bead ( playing off our bracelets ) which is known as protective and also to transmute negative vibes into positive! Please check them out in our #blessed by Charles Scott Etsy shop! I have been using both for a while now and you will love them! Please share your feedback if you have purchased them already !!!

Xo Billy Charles

Genuine Quartz Bead In Every Bottle!


#saged Lavender and Sage Luxury Soap

Information on our manufacturer Beauty Kitchen and it's creator , Heather Marianna, can be found at www.HeatherMarianna.TV

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